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 There are 2 types of flooring finishes : SURFACE and PENETRATING finishes.


Surface Finishes build a protective coating on top of the floor. The Finish is made of 2 components: base and solids.  The way it works is simple. Once the finish is applied the base evaporates and leaves behind the solids. Higher solids content means more material is left on the floor after evaporation of the base.  This Base can be Water, Oil, or a mix of Solvents.

We use The Berger-Seidle line of Water Based finishes.

AquaChoice ® OmniGold      

A mature, fast drying, onecomponent waterborne finish formulated for hardwood floor surfaces. It is the result of intensive research and development with polymerized acrylates and polyurethane dispersions. This, combined with years of field experience, has produced a smooth, easy-flow product with exceptional body and leveling. Engineered to serve as both a sealer and top coat sytem, OmniGold provides outstanding durability, excellent abrasion and chemical resistance in heavy traffic environments. OmniGold is ready to use, user-friendly, environmentally safe and ecologically balanced. Available in semi-gloss and matt.     

 AquaChoice GreenStar

The first isocyanate-free, 2-comp. water-borne lacquer Simply green – this revolutionary two-component wood floor fnish is truly innovative.  With AquaChoice GreenStar, Berger-Seidle offers the first two-component system that is completely free of any hazard labeling, unlike typical hardeners containing  Isocyanates  and/or  Aziridine.   AquaChoice  GreenStar  does  not  require  hazard  labeling  or  “H-  and  P-  statements”.  Installers are able to take advantage of this because they are able to work without the typical protective measures required for products that contain Isocyanates.  AquaChoice GreenStar does  not  emit  any  CO2 gases  during  the  curing  process,  as  conventional  two-component  products do. This  is  achieved  with  an  entirely  new  hardener  technology,  developed  by  Berger-Seidle.    

This  product  offers  the  well-known  and  trusted  first  class  performance  of  a  two-component waterborne lacquer, i.e. the highest wear and chemical resistance combined with excellent application properties. The extremely long potlife of AquaChoice GreenStar offers an additional highlight. While traditional two-component waterborne lacquers have to be used up within 2 hours after the components are mixed, AquaChoice GreenStar offers a minimum potlife of 12 hours (i.e. when the installer resumes his work the next morning,  he can continue with the mixture of the previous evening). This is a great advantage when facilitating the daily work, the saving of leftovers as well as money and reducing environmental pollution. AquaChoice GreenStar is also suitable and approved for cork surfaces. Its excellent application properties are comparable with those of high-end products such as AquaChoice CeramicStar or AquaChoice OmniGold. Furthermore it is certifed according to skid resistance rating R9 (BGR 191 and DIN 51130.)

  We use Synteko line of Solvent Based  (Swedish) Finishes.  

Synteko CLASSIC is a fast-drying, acid-curing finish for hardwood floors. Classic gives maximum resistance to wear, scratching, scuffing, marring and chemicals. Synteko CLASSIC is also EU. VOC 2010 compliant.


This type of  finish penetrates the wood and protects it from the inside.

Berger-Seidle Classic® 100ProOilclassic

Environmentally friendly impregnation oil for wooden floors based on refined vegetable oils and waxes. With a solid content of 98%, Classic 100ProOil is a top product within its category. Coloring is possible with Classic BaseOil Color as first coat. Dry time, 12 hours. Cure time, 10 days. This product is 100% natural and qualifies as ‘Solvent-Free’